Sponsorship Application

Primelux is fully immersed in the world of automotive innovation. By virtue of our constant pursuit of better, we are interested in being represented in your world!

Do you attend car shows regularly?
Are you a part of a big car club or group?
Have a strong social media following?

Do you own or are starting a custom build of a unique vehicle?

If the answer to any of these questions is Yes! Please fill out this application and if we are interested, we will reach out to you. There are just a couple rules and courtesies we require if you fill out the application which we have listed below:

1- One application per vehicle;
2- If we are interested, we will reach out to you;
3- Multiple unnecessary follow-up e-mails equals your application being disregarded;
4- We do not sponsor everyone who submits an application; in fact, we sponsor a limited amount of applicants.


The Vehicle to Install Primelux Item(s)

The Model/Item You Are Interested

Please copy the address of the item from primelux.com, and paste it here. The address should be started with https://www.primelux.com/

Introduce You/Tour Team

You can let us know more about you or your team. How or where you want to use our products.

Your Social Accounts