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Join Primelux Reviewer Program Today!
Join Primelux Reviewer Program Today!

Reviewer Program

As a professional brand in the automotive industry, we rely on innovation and customer feedback to survive and grow, which is why we need you as Primelux Reviewer to help us improve and innovate.

Whether you are a YouTube vlogger, or an influencing blog writer, feel free to sign up to Primelux Reviewer Program, where we send our latest or most popular products to our review experts to try out and review for free.

Once you filled out the form, we will review your application and reach out to you if we find you meet our requirement as a Primelux Reviewer. We have certain requirements on review expert’s influence, so we may not be able to reach out to every applicants immediately. However, we will keep your application in our database, and will reach out to you once you meet the requirements. (Your personal information will not be shared with third-party.)